Trump's Lead Lawyer In Special Counsel Inquiry Resigns

By: Kayla Pasacreta

John Dowd, photo via  Getty Images

John Dowd, photo via Getty Images

Trump's lead lawyer, John Dowd, is resigning. In a telephone interview today, Dowd state he "loves the President" and wishes him the best of luck, and even stated, "I think he has a really good case." Dowd's departure comes after sources close to him say the President often ignored his legal advice. Most notably, Trump said he would meet with Mueller even though Dowd warned against doing so. Dowd also urged Trump to refrain from attacks on Mueller and simply cooperate. On Sunday, Trump made his first tweet calling out Mueller by name:

His departure definitely signals a shake-up in Trump's legal team for the Russia probe. This week, Trump also hired Joe diGenova, an outspoken lawyer who has insisted Trump is being framed by the FBI. Trump's team has hastily been hiring many high-power attorneys, but Trump has been turned down by several well-known attorneys in the DC area.

New York Time's Maggie Haberman was told by White House sources that Dowd's departure was because of the President wanting a more aggressive approach to handling the Russia Investigation.

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