Former Trump Campaign Sam Nunberg Is Dropping Bombshells And We're Keeping Track

By: Kayla Pasacreta

Sam Nunberg, photo via  Business Insider

Sam Nunberg, photo via Business Insider

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg is shaking up Washington today. Nunberg is floating around all of the major media networks today, and appears to be talking candidly and freely about not complying with Mueller's subpoena and which members of Trump's camp he believes may be guilty of colluding with Russia. He went as far to say that Trump “may have done something” illegal. 

When Nunberg was asked by CNN's Gloria Berger if he would comply with Mueller and attend the grand jury, he quipped back, "Screw that," he continued, "Why do I have to go? Why? For what?" Nunberg continued to drop bombshells on CNN's Jake Tapper, saying Mueller wants him to testify that Republican lobbyist Roger Stone colluded with Russia, "They want me to say that Roger was going around telling people he was colluding with Julian Assange." Clearly comfortable with Jake Tapper, Nunberg posed his own question to Tapper, "You know why Trump was so stupid to fire Comey?" As if you thought the interview couldn't get any crazier, Nunberg also stated that former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page colluded with Russia, "I believe Carter Page colluded with the Russians". 

During his interview with NBC's Katy Tur, Nunberg jokingly said his lawyer may dump him, "By the way, I think my lawyer is going to dump me right now." Among other things, Nunberg said it would "be funny" if Mueller arrested him. As if the interview couldn't get any crazier, he asked Tur for legal advice, 

Nunberg: “What do you think Mueller is going to do to me?”

Tur: “I’m not a lawyer, I don’t know but given the circumstances you might be held in contempt of court.

We wish we were kidding, but all of the quotes in this article are actually real. The Russia Investigation continues to get more complex.


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