New day, New scandal: The Rundown on White House Physician Ronny Jackson's Messy Allegations

By Alexis Alex

Ronny Jackson and Barack Obama. Photo via

Ronny Jackson and Barack Obama. Photo via

On today's segment of White House drama, we will be discussing White House physician Ronny Jackson's nomination got canceled before it even began. Ronny Jackson was selected to be a White House physician in 2006.  He has served as the White House physician during the past three administrations and was the appointed physician to the president during President Barack Obama's terms. Now, he currently serves as the appointed physician for Trump. As a result, Trump picked Jackson as his nominee for  the secretary of Veteran Affairs and now all hell has broken loose! As soon as the nomination was announced, whistleblowers raised concerns about Jackson's behavior and credibility. Senator Jon Tester told Anderson Cooper that around 20 people citied that Jackson was known as "the candy man" of the White House, meaning he would give prescriptions of Ambien and Provigil like candy.  Tester described  that on overseas trips, Jackson would "go down the aisle way of the airplane and say, 'All right, who wants to go to sleep?' And hand out the prescription drugs like they were candy ... and put them to sleep and then give them the drugs to wake them back up again." (CNN) On Tuesday, allegations broke out of Jackson's crazy misconduct while on duty, including a claim that he once banged on the hotel-room door of a female employee while intoxicated in 2015. Here’s what *allegedly* went down:

During an overseas trip in 2015, Jackson was intoxicated and banged on the hotel room door of a female employee in the middle of the night making the woman uncomfortable, according to four sources of CNN. Allegedly, the incident became so noisy,  that the Secret Service stopped him out of concern that he would wake President Obama. The incident was reported up the chain of command, and it is one of multiple drunken episodes involving Jackson on overseas trips, according to CNN's sources.

The Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee members are currently assessing the allegations from the whistleblowers that have exposed Jackson's behavior of excessive drinking and fostering a "toxic" work environment.  Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas met with Jackson on Tuesday and revealed that Jackson has denied the allegations against him, including drinking on the job.

"He does deny that he's done anything wrong in his service to the country. And particularly his time at the White House as a physician in the medical unit," Moran said. "He indicated that he knows of nothing that would prohibit him from being qualified, capable and the right person to the secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs." (CNN)

Trump met with Jackson on Tuesday in the Oval Office to discuss the allegations and has stated that it is "totally (Jackson's) decision" whether he wants to continue the confirmation process. In the mean time, Jackson's nomination has been suspended indefinitely, which means this investigation will be taken seriously and Jackson's chances for the nomination are definitely over. Sorry Mr. Jackson, maybe you shouldn’t get drunk on the job next time!

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